Conversion Rate Optimisation


Analyst with computer and spreadsheets decide on what is the best method for conversion rate optimizationLet’s simplify Conversion Rate Optimisation.

The purpose behind any business based website is to draw attention to its services and products right? The content of your website would need to convert a visitor into a customer, with your website being representative of your brand and image to the online shopper when you are unable to represent it directly. I mean let’s face it – that’s the actual purpose of a website!

The generic method of marketing limits you to using only content and layout to appeal to your target market. As you are unable to see your website visitor’s individual needs or their physical emotions, you are only able to blanket your service and offers and hope that it appeals to each visitor.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is about having an efficient and well organized approach to improving your website conversion. It is about lead generation and converting visitors into customers. How does your website generate leads? If you are still depending on the popular website formats to capture leads such as visitors signing up for newsletters, creating accounts, completing online query forms and downloading apps, you are not standing out, you’re just another website and stand the chance of losing that visitor to a website that is more interactive on an individual level.

Leading your visitors to the end of the check-out line

So, ask yourself, how can you lead your customer to the end of the ‘check out’ process while delivering a one-on-one sales experience?  The answer is Live Chat. This method of Customer Service and Lead Generation is fast becoming the most popular resource to optimize website conversion rates.

Outsourcing your Conversion Rate Optimisation to companies such as Blue Sky Chat that specialize in providing you the software and highly trained consultants will allow you to provide your visitors and customers individual one-on-one service 24/7. Live Chat is about more than having someone answer a question. It is about staying informed and using information from your webpage for the purposes of marketing and customer retention. It allows you to have interactive access to customers and analytic data in real time. This information can provide insight about your brand and image, keep you informed on supply and demand, measure objectives and KPI’s in real time and ensures service excellence is accessible to each individual 24 hours a day.

You spent money on creating the page, why not use it to its maximum potential?

Read vs. Ask

Online shopping disconnects customers from the ‘value for money’ sales experience. They are expected to pay the same price for a product yet not receive the same service excellence as direct sales customers. With online shopping there is also the possibility that your customer is simply one click away from finding a website that does actually appeal to their perception of customer excellence – which would mean another lost sale.

Live Chat statistics and history show that 99.9% of online chat customers will ask a question that with a few clicks would have been accessible to them through information on your website. It’s simple and makes perfect sense – customers prefer the individual sales experience! They want to know that they are valued and that you have invested in delivering on service excellence.

Communication is so diverse these days that a simple sentence can have so many differnet meanings and be misinterpreted in so many different ways depending on your audience. However, Outsourced Live Chat enables you to bridge that gap in communication diversity and allows you to address each customer as an individual. This then allows you to be able to forecast, measure and update your business objectives to accommodate the constant changes in the industry, technology and the customer base.   

Does your website optimize your conversion rate?

At Blue Sky Chat our packages are tailored to meet the demands and needs of your business and clientele.

Customers have evolved and continue to do so, in this day and age of technology, shoppers opt for convenience. Through interactive chat, you would be able to give your online customers access to your business and one-on-one sales experience 24/7 with the flexibility and convenience they might require.

By simply installing a software programme and choosing a package that is best suited for your business needs, you will be able to reduce your operating costs as well as increase lead generation and sales revenue. Blue Sky Chat’s packages are structured to ensure you only pay for the customer that chooses to interact with your business.

With research today showing that 79% of customers prefer live chat in order to get their questions answered quickly – it’s a no brainer that Live Chat is the way to go. In today’s market where technology provides consumers with simple, convenient and flexible methods of shopping, you have to think outside the box in order to stand out. You have to reinvent through customer service. Now ask yourself, what makes my website different?