Did you know Blue Sky Chat plugs into more than 1,000+ CRMs? These include the major ones like HubSpot, PipeDrive, SalesForce, SugarCRM and more.

As another great year comes to an end, we wanted to take a look and one the topics we will cover in more detail in 2019. As mentioned in a number of previous blogs, Blue Sky Chat live chat software is designed to fit your business. Not only is it easy to install but allows you to merge your existing CRMs.

Knowing Your Customer Is Easy With A CRMs

You can divert all your sales leads into any one of up to 1000 existing CRM programs. Our software is designed to automatically add any new sales leads and details from your live chat clients into your designated CRM program. This not only aids in improving the opportunities to stay connected with all customers but you can engage customers in real-time..

This information won’t merely include names and contact details but also location, IP address and knowing where the customer originated from. This is extremely valuable information when making important marking and advertising decisions.
This integration will also enable you to distinguish between new and returning visitors.

Just how important is identifying this specific information?

I recently had an opportunity to constructively engage a returning potential customer. This customer had on a number of occasions checked out a few product pages on a clients website. While this regular was often navigating the site, he was not completing any sales. When the opportunity arose to ask the buyer a few questions, I reached out and wanted to comprehend why he would often navigate the similar pages so often and leave without concluding a transaction.

So what did the customer have to share?

His response was extremely informative. The information enabled the customer to make informed decisions about updating the layout of their current website. The customer’s feedback informed the client that while the site incorporated many details including measurements, conversions, and material estimates, it was just overly complicated to go from performing the calculations to requesting quotes or completing a transaction. This included having to navigate back and forth between various pages and then still having to redo it on occasion due to an inadequate signal, etc. So while the site was one of the best to use for calculating project information, converting that into tangible products required attention.

More Benefits, Multiple Functions

As we have covered many times before, live chat is about so much more than customer service. It is the ultimate business tool. You can enhance your real-time performance across a number of functions. These include increasing sales, refining your sales techniques, improving conversion rates and staying in the know when it comes to your customer.

Over the next 6 weeks, we will take a look at:

  1. What to expect from live chat in 2019
  2. How to integrate the live chat software to your existing site
  3. Increasing your lead generation by up to 5x more
  4. Manage and exceed customer performance expectations
  5. Using live chat software to maximizing conversion rates
  6. Knowing your FAQ’s
  7. The benefits of operating your business 24/7


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