What is the difference between a Lead and a General Enquiry?

Glad you asked! Each time a chat occurs, our staff will tag them as one of the following:

  1. Lead
  2. General Enquiry
  3. No Charge

1. Lead:

Blue Sky Chat staff are experts in generating interest in your product/service and generating sales leads for your business.

A lead is defined as any contact information we gather from a visitor on your website that could be used to convert that visitor into a sale. This could include a combination of either a contact name, email address and phone number which we provide to you immediately after the end of the chat.

Example 1: A visitor arrives on a law firm’s website. Our chat agents chat to them and determine that they are in need of legal services. After establishing rapport, an agent extracts their contact information and confirms that they are looking for legal services. Their respective contact information is passed on to you.

2. General Enquiry:

A general enquiry is defined as any informative/general answer we provide to customers on your website such as store opening hours, address information, stock levels etc.

Example 1: A Customer comes on to a beauty store’s website and asks information as to what machinery is used. This would be tagged as a General Enquiry.

3. No Charge:

Many chats are tagged as No Charge as Blue Sky Chat is extremely fair in its billing method.

Example 1: A visitor comes on to your website and after being asked how they are, the visitor replies with “good”. A few lines later, it is evident that the visitor is not interested in any information or in purchasing services. This would be tagged as a “No Charge”.

Example 2: A visitor comes back to your website after being disconnected. This would be tagged as a “No Charge”.

Example 3: A visitor comes to your website and abuses Blue Sky Chat agents. This would be tagged as a “No Charge”.

Rest assured – incomplete chats or visitors who cause problems on your site (such as abuse to our live chat operators) will not be counted in your quota.

Can I see the Chat history?


You can head over to the Client portal and login to your dashboard using the same e-mail that you registered with. You will be able to review each chat that has occurred and export them to PDF.

Which CRMs do you plug into?

Blue Sky Chat plugs into more than 1,000+ CRMs including the major ones: HubSpot, PipeDrive, SalesForce, SugarCRM and more.

Leads generated will flow directly into your CRM of choice.

How many FAQs can I provide Blue Sky Chat about my business?

A maximum of 15-20 FAQs are allowed to be submitted to Blue Sky Chat.

Overloading Blue Sky Chat with too much information is ultimately harmful for lead generation as this would result in higher response times.


How long does it take for Blue Sky Chat to be up and running after I sign up?

Once you sign up to one of our plans, you will be instantly sent an FAQ form to fill out in order for us to start learning about your business.

A dedicated Account Manager will also be assigned to you and will be in touch with you within 12 – 24 hours (Monday – Friday) to check on the progression of your FAQ list and to confirm the responses on your website. A copy writer may also be used to make sure that the responses are engaging to capture leads.

Once the FAQs are approved, our Agent will confirm with you that the Code is installed on your website.

On average, most customers have Blue Sky Chat live and setup within 24 hours from signup on Weekdays.

Do you guarantee the amount of Leads & Enquiries in my quota?

We guarantee you that we will provide you with this amount per month, however we cannot guarantee that there will be people actively communicating with our agents as this is dependent on how many visitors your website attracts.

In other words, Agents need people to talk to and it is your responsibility to ensure that there are active visitors to your website.

Can I also chat with my website visitors?


You can chat with web visitors at a time of your choice and let Blue Sky Chat conduct chats at a time of your choice.

Example 1: On Monday, your Company decides to conduct chats between 9AM – 5pm. You can select that Blue Sky Chat will operate from 5pm – 9AM so that you have 24/7 chat.