With 2018 behind us, like most business owners, it is likely that you will be evaluating your performance in 2018. The opportunity to evaluate and readjust your business goals means you get to do it better this year. It comes as no surprise that one of the most vital objectives this year will be meeting consumer expectations when it comes to service delivery.

So, What Are Customers Expecting in 2019?

According to a recent article (1), customers will be expecting personalized solutions. The evolving customer will no longer be satisfied with basic one-size fits all service delivery that most businesses offer. To stand out, you have to deliver on expectations for each consumer. Understanding your customers is key to personalizing one-on-one engagement and represents the foundation to fulfilling expectations in 2019.

Personalized Customer Service – Keeping It Real

One of the most vital fundamentals for any business is maintaining and meeting customer service expectations. One operative word describes what customers expect when it comes to customer support in 2019, “EFFORTLESS.” (2) Customers expect personalized attention without all the bells and whistles. It will be about receiving the necessary attention when it is required. Personalized service shows value and this has been one of the fundamental reasons live chat has continued to grow consistently over the last decade. Text-based chat has made it easy for business owners to be available when they need them to be. With live chat, you can continue to operate your customer service/support and availability 24/7. Live chat is not about replacing your established customer service channels, it is about broadening your accessibility and availability to meet the needs and demands of your consumers.

From Access On Demand to Real-Time Data

One of the core priorities for both business owners and clients alike in 2019 will be being able to access customer support when needed. (3) They want to feel valued and have that personal kinship with the brands they support. It is no longer about the value the customer brings to your business but about how valuable the customer feels when dealing with your brand.
Incorporating and aligning your business goals to deliver fast and tailored customer service will remain a primary goal for businesses in 2019. (3) Having your finger on the pulse and combining resources will allow you to manage real-time data to outline and predict customer expectations. This is fundamental to successful consumer experiences. (4)

Combining Resources

With Blue Sky Chat live chat software, you will not only just have instant access to personalized real-time customer service but also a dedicated CRM team. Our team will support your lead generation and CRM support while also providing 24/7 customer support. Blue Sky Chat live chat software is not exclusively designed to allow you to funnel your sales leads into any one of up to 1000 existing CRM programs but allows you to stay connected with all customers engaging your brand and services 24/7. Blue Sky Chat understand that live chat is about so much more than customer service.

We offer you one business tool that provides your business support across a number of functions including increasing sales, refining your sales techniques, improving conversion rates and staying in the know when it comes to your customer.

Over the next few weeks, we will look how live chat can support and enhance your business goals and objectives.


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