The Value Of Live Chat And Effective Lead Generation


What is the importance of an effective lead generation plan? That specific answer is easy, with an effective lead generation plan you can efficiently convert interest to potential profits. While making the sale is important, the fact is that finding a suitable buyer is just as valuable and also one of any successful business key growth strategies. Converting leads takes time and resources, resources wasted if the buyer lead had no intention of essentially purchasing anything. Therefore, there is significant value in generating qualified leads.

With qualified leads, like those generated through live chat have already provided you with valuable information. This enables your sales team to take advantage and pitch the brand information that will ultimately convert the possible lead to a successful sale. It is equally significant to remember that when it comes to lead generation, quality vs. quantity holds significant value. So how do you generate the right leads? Thanks to technology, generating the right leads has gotten a lot easier.

Years ago companies had limited resources and even with the tools they did have, it took a lot of time to actually generate a usable lead that was converted to profit. With technology came potential. The challenge now is how you can use that potential to your benefit.


Existing Marketing & Advertising Campaigns


Does your business have a website?
How much valuable time, effort and money went into sufficiently developing and adequately maintaining this site?
How many sales has your website generated?

You took the time to develop this marketing and advertising platform, why not go the extra mile and make it work for you.
With live chat, came the creative potential to utilize your existing resources to generate customer interactive sales leads. In a few minutes and with a minimal prepaid budget, you can directly turn your existing website into your most valuable lead generation tool. Live chat does not only grant you the opportunity to engage with your customers but it quickly and efficiently identifies the right leads.


Drawing In The Right Leads


With live chat, the customer makes the choice to engage. While there might be a lot of traffic on your website, not everyone is a buyer. With live chat, not only are you interacting with the clients who want to interact with your brand but also get first-hand information on your what the customer is looking for. Knowing what the customer wants or needs essentially enables you to directly pitch your brand to target customers who have already shown an interest.


Why Live Chat Works


Ultimately the goal is to convert leads to sales. This is where using live chat software can benefit your marketing and content advertising. Not only does it generate the right leads but offers both you and your potential client a number of additional resources. You not only offer your customers the convenience of instant service but the customer makes the choice to engage.

Visitors to your website can choose to engage with brand at any time. This means that you are never missing an opportunity. With our live chat software, you can operate your business 24/7 without any of the hassles. You also get to interact with the customer during the decision making process.

44% of online customers say that having their questions answered is one of their most important features a website can provide. (1)  Are you accommodating that customer? Most often, the customer that engages with live chat is sourcing, considering or is ready to make a purchase. Why miss that opportunity?


Just Something To Think About


  • 56% of online shoppers aged between 18 to 34 prefer live chat as a preferred method of contact.
  • Millennial buyers aged 25 to 34 are the largest percentage of online shoppers globally.
  • On average, 89% of respondents say that access to real-time feedback and information influence their shopping choices.
  • Generation Z with their annual allowance estimating $44 billion demand attention.
  • Generation X still contribute the majority of wealth globally. (2)


Do your business plan, marketing content and customer support service embrace the demands, needs, and differences for each demographic of potential customers?  Meeting the needs and demands of each customer can be costly and use up a number of business resources. With our software, we engage the customer on a personal level when the customer chooses to be engaged.

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