Just how valuable will live chat services be to your business? It is likely that you have spent many hours and a massive budget on designing and developing your business website. Not only have you created professional landing pages but also included user-friendly links and detailed FAQ’s. Like most other websites, you have ensured that the different sections are clear to make navigating the website easy.  Your website is perfect, right? So why would you need live chat services?

Live Chat Services Most Common Asked Questions

Did you know that 99.9% of the questions asked during live chat communication are questions about the basic information that is easily and instantly available on your website? (1)

Even with all the easy access to information on the website, many customers still choose to use the chat services. While this indicates customers prefer convenience, it is also about value for money. Customers want to be acknowledged and with live chat services, you can connect one-on-one with potential clients. Technology has improved accessibility and created convenience. However, have you ever considered the gaps technology has also created when it comes to customer service expectations for value for money? Just how much does this gap affect your business?

A Live Chat Services Shift-Heres What I Can Share

Before setting out to write this blog, I undertook an 8-hour live chat shift. I wanted to ensure I can completely understand the value behind including this service on your current website. While most of the customers asked remarkably simple questions, they remain questions that hold a lot of value. These questions play a valuable role when it comes to converting interest to actual sales. Let’s take a brief look at two of the most common questions that came up during the live chat session.

Example 1

What do you do?

This question was asked frequently. The question was even asked on a website where “our services” were clearly defined. After providing the customer with information they could have gotten from the website with only a few clicks, the chat was concluded with a sales lead.

This is a typical example of adding value to the customer experience. While the potential customer can take the time to find the information within a few clicks, the customer chooses to interact one-on-one with a human chat consultant.

Example 2

It will not allow me to select the size I want.

This question came from a client who was trying to select an item the website indicated out of stock. The client, however, could not understand why it would not add to cart. A few brief lines of chat later, the client proceeded to select a similar product before continuing on to the checkout line. This was a classic example of a situation that could have ultimately resulted in the client abandoning their cart. This chat also resulted in a sales lead once the item was restocked.

More Than A Customer Service Tool

Live chat allows your customer access to resources which add merit to the increasing demand for value for money and service excellence. The ‘value for service’ with live chat is more about so much more than convenience and flexibility. It is about adding value to customer’s perception of service excellence and customer support through a one-on-one service experience. With live chat, you can quickly and effortlessly bridge the gap between convenience and value for service.

Tailored Prepaid Solutions

Signing up for live chat services with Blue Sky Chat is quick and hassle-free. Your live chat services will be up and running in no time. Not only do you choose the prepaid package best suited to meet your business, but there are also no surprise costs. Our innovative solutions allow you to efficiently manage your budget without hassle. A quick software installation gives you access to multiple services and a 24/7 customer relationship management teams

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