Lead generation is fast becoming the focal point for many business owners. At Blue Sky Chat we understand the importance and value behind generating a steady flow of qualified sales leads. We are a team of professional customer relationship support staff that will operate your website’s live chat services 24/7 and not only generate sales leads but also support your customer service strategies.

Live chat is not only rated as being the preferred method of contact at 73% in comparison to traditional contact methods like e-mail at 61% and phone at 44% but it also offers your business a number of additional resources including generating up to 5x more sales leads.

In The News

According to a recently published 2018 Live Chat Benchmark Report (1), Australia leads the overall global chat volume growth with an increase of almost 71%. The increase in stats in comparison to 2016 indicates that real-time customer service has been eagerly embraced by consumers. Furthermore, the report also shows that the global increase in the average monthly chats from 2596 in 2016 to more than 5200 in 2018. From these stats, one can assume that more people are steadily embracing the convenience and accessibility of the continually evolving technology.

What Is Lead Generation?

A lead is a potential customer that expresses interest in your product, services or brand. The key purpose of lead generation is to increase revenue by converting that interest into a sale and profit. While there are a number of resources and platforms to generate sales leads, one of your most valuable resources for generating leads is your company website. Your website content provides customers with information on your brand and services so why not take the next step and provide the client with the ultimate customer service experience?

Your Most Valuable Lead Generation Platform

Every prospective guest to navigate your business internet site represents a possible sale. With specialized Blue Sky Chat software, you instantly convert your dedicated website into a valuable lead generating tool. Our live chat software enables your brand or services to engage prospective customers. This enables our qualified team of chat consultants to collect the necessary information which will enable you to reach out and convert that potential customer into a sale. We generate the leads with means you get to focus on the important task of converting interest to profit.

Simplified Value For Money

Our key services and solutions are designed to deliver value to your lead generation process. Your outsourced lead generation support team will be trained to efficiently and professionally represent your brand, products, and services. Receiving quality leads in real time is made easy with our direct to mail, an SMS message or an effective combination of standard methods. Our automated system conveniently provides you the lead key details in real time. With Blue Sky Chat, you are not simply connecting with a competent team but can expect value and support from an established company.

Our services are designed to allow you to direct your efforts and resources to the core task of converting those leads to sales.

Prepaid Lead Generation Services

All our comprehensive packages are prepaid which enables you to control your live chat services without any surprise costs. You merely choose the chat services package best suited for your services. Our dedicated support team will ensure you are not billed for indirect interaction with your brand. For example, a potential customer simply greeting or asking a question about the website, business hours, etc. These chats are tagged as ‘no charge.’The same applies to incomplete chats. We value transparency, which means our system is set up to allow you access to your chat history, as well as view and monitor how chats are tagged at any time.

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1. https://www.ec3.co.za/uploads/2/6/3/7/26378480/comm100-live-chat-benchmark-report-2018.pdf

Outsourcing Your Lead Generation Services