While we recognize and comprehend the purpose behind any business website, what we frequently overlook is the value of this effective business tool. The specific content of your website needs to be representative of your unique brand and visible image to the online user. With online users, you are unable to adequately represent your specific products or essential services directly to the potential customer. This generic method of marketing limits you to using only content and standard layouts and information to appeal to your intended target.

This type of marketing is blanketed to push your brand, rather than focus and direct your attention to the specific needs and wants of your customers. This means you are only able to present your services or brand in general and hope that it appeals to the right customer.

What Is Conversation Rate Optimization?

Intentionally keeping this simple, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is about using available analytics, data and feedback to improve the performance of your website. The conventional phrase about “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” is the best way to adequately explain CRO.

It is about figuring out what your prospective customers are looking for when they are typically using your promotional website and traditionally giving it to them. It is about simplifying the conversion funnel and converting clicks into potential sales. CRO is about maintaining an efficient and well-organized approach to progressively improving your website performance, increasing lead generation and converting visitors into potential sales.

Now allow me to ask you a fundamental question. How does your official website typically generate leads? If you are still depending on the popular website formats to capture leads like visitors signing up for newsletters, registering for user accounts, completing online query forms and downloading apps, you are just another website. Like you, a countless number of successful businesses are utilizing the same available resources to typically generate leads. How do you plan on standing out?

How Can You Stand Out?

The straightforward answer is Live Chat. This method of Customer Service and Lead Generation is rapidly enhancing the most social resource to optimize website conversion rates. Live Chat is not about providing someone answers to a question, it is about interactive access between your brand and potential customers and typically having direct access to resourceful data in real time.

This invaluable information provides your business insight in real time, meaning you are constantly improving your approach to reach the intended target market. The convenience of technology disconnects customers from the value sales experience. Statistics and history show that 99.9% of online chat customers will ask a question that with a few clicks would have been accessible to them through the content on your website, However, customers prefer the exclusive attention and experience. It is about finding the convenient value in customer service.

Live Chat-Fast, Efficient Solutions

You can be set up in a few minutes by simply installing a software programme and choosing a pre-paid package that is best suited for your business needs. A fast, efficient solution which will enable you to typically reduce your operating costs while increasing lead generation and sales revenue.

Our comprehensive packages are carefully structured to ensure you only pay for the potential customer that willingly chooses to typically interact with your business. With research showing that 79% of potential customers traditionally prefers text-based chat to approach their specific questions answered promptly, live chat remains the efficient way to go. In an economic marketplace where innovative technology naturally provides potential consumers with direct, convenient and flexible methods of meaningfully engaging your brand and key services, you have to think outside the box.

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