Let’s Recap

Over the past few weeks, we have looked at a number of solutions live chat can offer business owners. Looking at these individually can promote an extremely narrow understanding of the value of this flexible business tool. With the summary, we want to recap what live chat software can offer your business. One fundamental business tool that can offer you multiple solutions. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Live Chat For Your Website

One Size Fits All Toolbox

Online live chat is one of the most viable, convenient solutions which can efficiently be implemented for any size business. There is no shutdown of your official website required and acquiring the proper value for your established business is about choosing a suitable prepaid package. In a brief period of time and with the least amount of hassle, you can typically have this versatile business tool in place and active.

No hassles and no shutdown required!  The ultimate business tool that offers you a number of instant business solutions.

It Is Not Just Another ……..!

We have taken a look at a number of creative solutions that live chat can typically offer your business. Combining all those solutions means that live chat is NOT JUST ANOTHER:

  • Customer Service Tool
  • Help Desk
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • 24/7 Receptionist

Your Live Chat Tool Box

Communication Tool-Instantly Engage Your Customers

Following a quick installation of our live chat software on your website, you can instantaneously engage in real-time communications with any customers navigating your website. Live chat is not about charming every customer but is about being available and accessible to the customer that seeks you out. With our software, you only communicate with the customers that CHOOSE to communicate with your brand.

GPS Tool-See Who Is Visiting Your Website

With live chat software, you can see who is navigating your website. You will know where they are logging in from and if they have in the past been on your website. You can actively engage your customers with accurate information, progressively eliminating the unnecessary questions and instantly getting to the essential core of the established contact, which is ultimately generating the sales lead.

For example, if your business offers no interest loans to local customers, a customer logging in from another country would not need to be engaged and ask unnecessary questions. You can quickly and smartly navigate and direct your website traffic and direct the customer to product or services best suited for their needs.

Ultimate Customer Service Tool

With live chat, customer service is instant. You get to directly engage customers, whether they are seeking support or needing to enlist assistance. You are available when they require you to be. With the evolution of technology, customers enjoy the ease of convenience and expect businesses to accommodate their need for convenient, unrestricted access.

With live chat, you have an active 24/7 customer service team that will represent your brand and engage your customers whenever they chose to engage your brand. Building on your FAQ list, you can quickly and efficiently engage customers on your website. Reducing time and being prepared when engaging the customer means you effectively engage the customers. You will never miss another opportunity.

Delivering Real-Time Customer Service 24/7

Lead Generation Tool

When the potential customer engages your brand through the live chat software, they are typically asked a number of core questions. These can include name and contact information. Our system is set up to provide this valuable information after every established contact. You can select how you choose to receive this information and ultimately how you will use it. It is not merely a case of cold calling, the customer is asked for the information and informed on what to expect. They are ordinarily expecting the contact. The first and most important step in approaching the new customer is already done and dusted.

Lead Generation: Hitting Your Target One Lead At A Time

In the coming weeks, we will take a look at the value in real-time feedback and how you can use that instant feedback to maximize on the potential of your marketing plan.