Did You Know that…?

Did you know that 41% of customers have typically rated live chat as being their chosen method of established contact? For prospective customers, there is a fundamental value in traditionally having real-time access to excellent customer service. This far outranks the trouble of typically completing forms or typically having to limit their customer queries or direct interactions to business hours. In this technology-driven age, text-based chat is not merely about meeting the customer’s needs but also about creating service value and driving sales.

It is about more than simply converting your website into a lead generation tool. Not only can you streamline sales leads directly from your website but it also enables you to create value through customer support. The fundamental question is, how will using live chat on YOUR website benefit your brand?


Asking The Essential Questions

How will live chat benefit your business?

Live chat services can be used to:

  • Generate and streamline sales leads.
  • Assist you in driving sales.
  • Provide 24/7 customer support.
  • Provide you real-time access to your brand performance.
  • Give you access to your customer’s experience and feedback without delays.
  • Create value in the online customer service experience.

How does live chat help you drive sales?

Live chat presents your brand the potential opportunity to directly interact with targeted customers. While your dedicated website typically represents an excellent source of advertising and direct marketing, it is ultimately a subdued sales environment.

Potential customers can browse your site and then move on. Being able to interact with your customers during the purchase decision-making process can ultimately make a difference to whether the prospective client will make the buy or simply move on.

Research shows that 83% of shoppers noted they sought assistance at some point while considering their purchases while 55% admitted to most likely abandon their purchase if they do not get an instantaneous response to questions. One of the fundamental reasons that 56% of customers abandon their online purchase is due to lack of product or service information. (1)


How will live chat add value to an existing customer support team?

Live chat is not about replacing staff or processes but rather about generating and streamlining sales leads. The 24/7 customer service aspect is an added bonus. By engaging the visitors to your website you have the opportunity to increase your sales revenue. Live chat generates the leads and enables your existing sales teams to pitch your sales and services based on the customer’s needs.


What is the difference between using live chat and a chatbot?

The difference is the human connection. With live chat, you connect with each individual on a personal level. Our live chat software encourages real-time conversations that will enable your customers to seek answers to open-ended questions. Our software delivers you the opportunity to establish personal connections with your customers. It is about so more than having excellent customer service or generating leads. It enables you to bridge the gap created by convenience in this technology-driven day and age. With live chat, you will rarely miss an opportunity, and your brand will be represented 24/7.


What Can Blue Sky Chat Do For Your Business?

The entire setup and application process is simple, efficient and quick to implement. There are no subscription or unknown cost. You choose the prepaid package best suited for your business and only pay for the customers that choose to interact with you. The chat window is always visible and conveniently accessible on your website. Your customers select the choice to utilize it or not. With a quick software download, you will have your live chat services up and running within the hour.

In addition, you can access chat history at any time. Our client portal presents you instant access to your dashboard where you can review each chat that has occurred. This is a great way to stay in touch with your brand and take action before issues arise. We have made it easy for you to stay in touch with your customers.


How Does It Work?

You can also check out our FAQ for more infomation.

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1. https://econsultancy.com/83-of-online-shoppers-need-support-to-complete-a-purchase-stats/