Live chat is one of the most dynamic methods of effective communication with your prospective online customers. In this modern day and with the continuous growth in innovative technology, potential customers are diligently seeking out the practical convenience of key technology. However, customers still expect the equivalent level of excellent customer service as they would typically receive during the one-on-one sales experience.

With text-based chat, you can instantly transform every potential interaction with prospective visitors on your site into a beneficial experience and satisfactorily establish lasting customer relationships. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of using live chat.

Adding Value through Real-Time Interactions

With live chat, you are not only providing real-time feedback 24/7 but can also set appointments and generate sales leads. You will gain access to a trained, dedicated team and valuable real-time chat history. Live chat has not merely proven to typically improve customer satisfaction but also increases sales and efficiently generates new sales leads. Staying connected with your brand and customers allows you to deliver fast, efficient service.

Your customers want to be valued. With live chat, every interaction is personalized. Therefore not only do you stay in touch with what your clients are wanting but also get real-time product and service information.

It’s What the Customers Are Expecting

Did you know your customers are more likely to leave your website and move on due to slow response times? This is also one of the most common reasons customers give for leaving a website or abandoning their cart.

  • 61% of website visitors choosing to make use of chat services for information and queries over traditional methods
  • 44% of online consumers saying that one of the most important features companies can offer is having a live chat specialist available during the online transaction.
  • 63% of consumers choosing to return to a website with the live chat feature. (1)

Live Chat Keeps You Connected.

Not only does live chat give you access to customer service tools but also keeps you connected with the customer, but also gives you access to valuable consumer data. Know and comprehend what your customers are asking, who is buying what and deal with problems in real time. Knowing what questions your customers are asking and what they are expecting will bring you one step closer to personalized customer service.

Generate Sales Leads

By simply installing a software programme and choosing a comprehensive package that is best suited for your business needs you have an instant lead generation tool.  You won’t be merely improving on customer service but will also be capable of increasing lead generation and maximize the potential of your website.

At Blue Sky Chat, our standard packages are intentionally designed to ensure you only pay for the potential customer that typically chooses to interact with your business. With live chat, you rarely miss a sales lead. Our team will collect the information and forward you the SMS or e-mail with the customer details. One business tool that combines improving your customer service and optimizing on lead generation. It is about converting your website visitors into loyal customers. (2)

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