Are you prepared for the upcoming holidays? Regardless of the size of your business, with the holidays comes the increase in customer activity. This happens across almost every industry. The question is, what are you doing to use this increase in activity as an opportunity to boost your upcoming sales cycle. Why not take the opportunity to kick off 2019 with a steady flow of sales leads?

It’s A Win-Win

With the digital age and the ever-evolving technology came an increase in modern convenience and accessibility. The potential benefits created by technology have not only profited the consumer but also created opportunities for business owners, like the chance to reduce their overheads while increasing operating hours. Did you know that December’s highest internet traffic day is the day after Christmas? (1)

Enjoying that much-needed break over the holidays does not have to mean you should have to miss out on getting the sales leads. With a quick installation of software which you load to your current website, you can continue to operate your business 24/7 during the holiday season. While you can focus on the taking a break, our dedicated team undertake to continue to generate leads and boost your upcoming sales leads funnel.

At Blue Sky Chat our software plugs into 500 CRMs including HubSpot, PipeDrive, SalesForce, SugarCRM and many more. Any leads generated will flow directly into the CRM you choose, offering you substantial support for your 2019 sales strategies.

More Than Just A Lead Generation Tool

It is forecast that the holidays will typically see a considerable increase of more than 50% in website activity. This activity will continue well into the new year with the service activities, renewed budgets and spending of gift cards.

Blue Sky Chat’s software offers you a considerable number of innovative solutions that not merely include up to 5x more lead but also a real-time customer service tool. 44% of online consumers saying one of the most important features companies can offer is access to live chat and while it is clear that customers reasonably expect modern convenience it is equally safe to note they are unwilling to sacrifice their right to good customer service to enjoy this convenience.

A recent comparison study showed that companies using live chat software compared to those that do not have reflected a greater increase across a number of points which includes a:

  • 4% improvement in customer satisfaction.
  • 4% increase in cross-sell and up-sell revenue.
  • 20% annual improvement in customer contact abandonment rate
  • 6x greater annual improvement in customer care costs

Adding live chat to your website will not only offer your potential customers and additional contact channel but also the valuable opportunity for you to interact with your website visitors. With live chat available on your website, you are not solely creating the opening to interact with the potential customer in real time but also generate sales leads. It is swift, straightforward to use and aids in maintaining a steady flow of sales leads.



Customers Demand Excellent Service



Delivering Real-Time Customer Service 24/7

Why Live Chat Will Be Your Ultimate Business Tool