Optimize your business potential while reducing overheads

For any small business owner, keeping your overheads low is a high priority. Operational costs, maintenance and facilities, even wages, insurance and compliance costs are a big chunk of any business owners budget. So how do you maximize your business potential whilst reducing overheads? Easy, the keywords are virtual and efficiency.

Go ‘virtual’ or go home!

With the amazing growth in technology and services created to support the small business owner, more and more entrepreneurs are opting to go the virtual route. No more bank breaking operational costs. Think about it, if you ran your business the traditional way, operating business hours, paying for office space, depending on facilities & services and having a workforce available 24/7/365, could you still maximize your potential whilst reducing overheads?

Good afternoon, how can I help you?

Would it not be great to have a receptionist 24/7? Just imagine the possibilities. Now think ‘Virtual Assistant. You save time and money, provide real time feedback anytime day or night, set appointments or simply answer a question 24/7.  With the increasing focus on Optimization Rates and turning your website clicks into paying customers, services such as Live Chat offered by Blue Sky Chat maximize your potential and offer your clients 24 hour customer service and lead generation for a minimal fee.

Choose a package best suited for your business needs and you only have to worry again when your pay-as-you-go credits are up. You will have access to trained, professional staff and valuable chat history. Stay up to date on customer queries and complaints and you have real-time resources for measuring KPI’s. Reports can be tailored to meet your business needs ensuring you maximize the potential this service can offer your business. Appointments can be set and updated to your calendar, queries on products and services are attended to in real-time, all which increase your potential to turn website clicks into paying customers.

Can ‘Free’ really means ‘Free’?

The word ‘free’ makes a sceptic out of the best of us. If something works and works well, why give it away for free? Let’s look at how some of these ‘free’ services can maximize your potential, save you time, reduce costs and create ways to provide you a fully operational business support system using tried and practiced resources.

Let’s start with the most common name of all, Google.(3) Google offers anything from e-mail to blogger. Simple, efficient tools and web applications which allow you to choose services and tools through a market place made up of trusted tools and third party applications. Let’s see how a few of their General Office tools can help maximize your virtual office for free.

  1. E-mail

Every business needs an e-mail address. Gmail is a free Google e-mail application. Accessible anytime and through any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The great thing about Gmail is that they also offer a business solution. Having that choice is great for further down the line when you start thinking ‘big’.

  1. Calendar

Google offers quite a few choices here, there is Google Calendar which allows you to create, share or update appointments or events. The calendar can be set to sync to all devices, therefore you stay up to date with appointments wherever you are. This works well with a virtual assistant. Google also offer a number of 3rd party applications for meeting planners, schedules or minutes.

  1. Storage Drive

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage application. You can utilize the storage space and conveniently store files, photos, media clips of up to 10 GB for free. You can also create files, spread sheets, templates and share folders online. Google Storage Drive works exceptionally well with the virtual office setup.

  1. Video Conferencing and Calls

Google offers a number of tools and third party applications when it comes to video calls or conferences. Make video or voice calls for no more than the cost of the data used. You can find a comprehensive description of the services and costs on www.google.com.

Now you have the ground work, get started on making your virtual office a reality. It is possible to maximize your potential whilst reducing your overhead costs. Use the available resources, maximize the benefits and watch your business grow.